Say No to Roadside Zoos


Bears, lions, and other animals, many endangered, languish in roadside zoos across the country. Animals kept in roadside zoos live in cruel conditions, confined to small cages without the enrichment they need to lead full, happy lives.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund protects these animals by exposing their suffering and neglect and filing lawsuits against the worst roadside zoos.

Two endangered tigers, Tanya and Teagan, are kept in small, rusty cages at the zoo, where they are not provided the basic necessities of clean water, food, or straw. Their water tanks are full of algae, their food is infested with maggots, and their straw is left soiled and unchanged for up to months on end. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has offered to transfer Tanya and Teagan, as well as the zoo's 200-plus other animals, to reputable sanctuaries at no cost to Special Memories.

We sent a notice of intent to sue the facility for violations of state and federal law. If the animals continue to be kept in illegal conditions, the lawsuits will continue.

Protect animals like Tanya and Teagan and join the boycott of roadside zoos by signing our petition below.

Animals in roadside zoos suffer psychologically and physically. I will not patronize roadside zoos.

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