Urge the USDA to Shut Down Cruel Breeding Facility


Ruby Fur Farm breeds ferrets, skunks, raccoons, and other animals to sell as research test subjects and “unique” pets. The business has a long history of ignoring the minimal care that the Animal Welfare Act requires. In the past two years alone, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspectors filed 14 negative inspection reports against Ruby Fur Farm. Recent reports documented a pattern of failure to provide veterinary care, citing an immobile skunk with green discharge coming from her face (she died two days later), a lethargic ferret covered in ticks, and a skunk with a prolapsed anus.

Despite Ruby Fur Farm’s long track record of cruelty, the USDA has spent tens of thousands of your taxpayer dollars to buy these animals for use in USDA research facilities. While the USDA’s own inspectors issue reports detailing appalling conditions, the USDA rewards Ruby Fur Farm with lucrative contracts.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund submitted two letters, one to the USDA urging it to revoke the farm’s license, and one to the Office of Inspector General requesting that it immediately investigate the USDA’s contracts with the farm in light of the farm’s serious Animal Welfare Act violations.

Use the form below to politely urge the USDA to revoke Ruby Fur Farm’s license, issue the maximum penalty allowable against the breeding facility for its violations, and end all procurement contracts.

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