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TAKE ACTION: Tell the USDA to enforce the Animal Welfare Act!


As a member of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, I am appalled at the horrific experiments conducted on animals in federally regulated research facilities and the lack of proper oversight and poor enforcement of the few existing regulations designed to protect animals in these facilities. Any facility that violates the Animal Welfare Act must be held accountable.

The well-being of non-human primates and other animals in research is especially concerning, as secretly implemented U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy directs inspectors to conduct only partial inspection of some research facilities. These partial inspections may disregard animal husbandry, recordkeeping, or facility management, which impacts the animals’ well-being.

It is critical that research facilities are inspected rigorously to ensure that the animals’ basic needs are being met as mandated by law. The prospect of USDA-regulated research facilities undergoing an incomplete inspection endangers the animals involved and keeps the public in the dark about their treatment.

I demand that you fulfill your legal obligation to fully inspect research facilities and protect animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

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