Sign the National Not Property Petition to Protect Animals!

Every day that animals are treated like mere property is another day that they are especially vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

I DON’T WANT ANIMALS TO SUFFER because of a legal system that too often treats them as objects with inadequate legal protections.

I believe that animals are not mere property – they are complex individuals with unique personalities and interests. Animals have the capacity to feel joy, and pain, and to create strong relational bonds. A chair can’t do that.

Our laws are lagging behind. Animals deserve to have their inherent rights and interests as living beings protected under the law. Because they are deprived of adequate legal protection, animals are especially vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

I support the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s legal efforts to elevate animals’ property status – and establish comprehensive legal protections and basic rights for all animals in our society.


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